Brenda Brousseau

Beaded Mandala
16" x 16" x 3"
$ 7,600
Shattered is about a father’s death and the human spirit's fight to get past the grieving process and return to happier times.
A few years ago I asked a friend to teach me how to kayak. She let me borrow her husband’s kayak. I was so enchanted I bought my own at the end of the year. Before we could get out on the river her father died suddenly. She went out to Idaho for several months to help her mother.
In the spring, she came back into town and we decided to go to the river. We drove out to the St Croix River. Her head wasn’t quite in the game yet. We jumped out of the vehicle to take the kayaks off and the doors locked. Keys, phones, PFDs, were all inside. The access point we were at was miles from any kind of civilization, so she decided we should break a window. After she broke the window I asked her if we should just go back so we could get the window fixed, her answer “That is crazy talk, I need to kayak and get my river glow on.”
I gathered all the glass, and it became the inspiration for this piece. I took the glass over to my friend’s house and she and her husband helped me glue it onto a backing so I could bead in between. The center piece is a photo I took of my kayak. I have a program that turns any photo into a kaleidoscope image. The yellow is my kayak, the blue is my water bottle, the pink is the shirt I was wearing. I finished beading the kaleidoscope image while on a trip to Hawaii with my son and his family. I bought the leaf beads that are on the ends of each point in Maui.
Another layer to this piece comes from that trip, the center was falling down, it was heavy and there was nothing to hold it up. My son gave me a clear container just the right size that I could sew under it to keep it level. I liked that he did this especially since this piece started because of family.