Our Father's Sins

Brenda Brousseau

Beaded Mandala
19" x 19" x 3"
$ 3,280
I moved to Minneapolis in 1979, I stayed there until 2011 when I moved across the river. A greater treason could not have been committed. I love my new home town. Once I got unpacked I started touring St Paul like I was a visitor.
One of the places I discovered was a labyrinth at Como Park. Really, I had been to Como Park as a non-resident and had never heard of this labyrinth. After walking it I went home to do more research on it. I found out that St Paul was one of the first cities to have a sister city, which is Nagasaki, Japan. To help heal the wounds of the war in both directions they dedicated this Global Healing Labyrinth.
To commemorate the move to my new city I decided to seek out the artist and see if I could get her permission to use the labyrinth design in this piece, which she gladly gave. Behind the beaded labyrinth is a painting of the Trinity test site, where the atomic bomb was tested. The beaded red lines coming out of the center are the roads they used to bring the bomb in. On each of the four corners is a pattern of crisscrossed bamboo, the radiation from the bomb burned it into the skin of a Nagasaki woman from her kimono.
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds – J. Oppenheimer