Heather Friedli


I create art about the natural world, through the lens of my Odawa, Mexican and American heritages. Through this lens I focus on colors, brush work, and imagery from real life, spirituality, and imagination. My focus drifts from dreamscape to impressionistic reality. My experiences in this world as a multicultural person with Hispanic roots informs my world view. Growing up half my childhood in the barrio of Los Angeles, I have had a distinct Chicano upbringing. The history of my father’s side of the family is out of Huatabampo, Mexico. My grandmother was a mail order bride, making her way as an immigrant to America to marry a man she had never met. Although my Native American mother raised me, most of her close friends in our community were Spanish speaking, and so were my friends. As a third generation descendant I never learned Spanish, but being a multicultural person continues to inform my work today.