Christian Ybarra


Christian Ybarra is a contemporary surrealist painter from St. Paul Minnesota, Ybarra in their adolescence, occasionally assisted their uncle, a local muralist, who took them under his wing, and helped hone their craft early on. Ybarra who shown an immense talent for visual art early on was often encouraged by their uncle to explore and constantly create. their most acquired media is oils on canvas, but they’ve shown great comfort, in gouache, ink, pastel and charcoal work. Ybarra is in the process of working on an AFA degree through Normandale and plans on transferring to the U of M to finish up a BFA degree. Ybarra often employs very dark, intense color schemes and subject matter a la the works of Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon. Recurring themes throughout Ybarra’s work showcase themes on mental health among black and brown bodies, queerness and self-discovery, all through a surreal and expressionist lens, to make a body of work that is uniquely theirs.