Wendy Thoreson

Earthenware, Terra sigillata
7" x 6" x 1.5"
$ 125
My work is a expression of me, my style, my roots, my complexities, and my search for balance. A major focus in my work is finding and embracing balance. Within the pots I create, there is a duality between using worn surfaces and crisp scrolls, dark clay and light terra sigillata, basic forms and intricate designs. Even the object itself is a duality, a functional piece with excessive decoration that challenges commonly held notions of functionality.
Often, people approach my work with anxiety, because it does not fit neatly into their ideas of either functional ceramics or sculptural ceramics. My story and my pots are not so clear cut, they do not fit into a box, they are “other.” I am beginning to embrace “otherness” because instead of fitting in, I am liberated to be me. The work I create expresses my story with strength and beauty.